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Was Jim Morrison known to have met the Beatles or Bob Dylan?

By On July 6, 2010 Under Music

John Lennon, Bob Dylan and Jim Morrison are the three titans of 60s counterculture icons, but I’ve never heard anything about the Doors meeting the Beatles or Dylan, or anyone else for that matter, aside from Janis Joplin. Did they meet? If not, does anyone know why?

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  1. CASey
    July 6, 2010
    11:25 pm

    Bob Dylan, because Jim Morrison was a "younger" guy

  2. vid
    July 6, 2010
    11:25 pm

    I don’t believe Jim Morrison ever met any of the Beatles, but he might have met Bob Dylan because I’m not too sure on that one.

  3. TheDoors
    July 6, 2010
    11:25 pm

    I am fairly certain that Jim did not meet Bob Dylan. It just seems that their paths did not cross. It seems that Bob Dylan tended to play at more festival or outdoor type of concerts. Although The Doors played at a few of these types of places they generally preferred not to. Their sound did not always transfer well in an outdoor setting and Jim seemed to oppose them the most. In an interview he described some of the people that go to those types of things as being like leeches. Jim was a huge Bob Dylan fan though. I remember reading that in college he knew a girl that went to one of his concerts and he asked her a lot of questions about the concert because he wanted to know every detail of it. I also remember reading that Jim would force everyone to be quiet when a Bob Dylan song came on the radio which sometimes annoyed his roommates. Although I think he would have loved to meet him I just don’t think that happened.

    Jim Morrison could have met John Lennon. I know it sounds strange to say that but the specifics are unsure. Both The Doors and The Beatles were playing at the Toronto Rock Festival. The bands were separated and didn’t seem to have contact with each other. In a rumor, it was said that Lennon asked to perform before The Doors because he didn’t trust that Jim wouldn’t do anything too crazy. I read on The Doors board that he was watching Lennon and Yoko while they were onstage and they made barking noises at Jim and another person with him which just confused Jim.

    George Harrison stopped at the studio while The Doors were recording either Waiting for the Sun or The Soft Parade. It is also said that Jim saw The Beatles while they were recording the White Album.

    Jim also met Jimi Hendrix too. They both performed at a music festival. I think it was the Monterey Pop Festival but I may be wrong. On a recording you can hear Jim say something about Hendrix’s clothing when he goes onstage. It is something to the extent of, "Beautiful, like a priest." Also, once Jim drunkenly joined Jimi Hendrix onstage and "sang" along with him. Most of it is too obscene for me to describe here. If you search for Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix on youtube you will find some recordings. There are some fakes on there, but they are pretty obvious to tell.

    Jim dated Nico (part of The Velvet Underground) for some time. Their relationship did not last for too long and they seemed to have an extremely difficult and dramatic relationship.

    All of The Doors met Mick Jagger at Jim’s hotel room before The Hollywood Bowl. Apparently Mick was really cool to them despite the less than glamorous room they met in. After the concert Mick seemed to give them a bad review by saying they played for a long time or something like that. Also, it was said that Jim’s girlfriend was getting a little too close with Mick which made Jim mad.

    Since they performed with so many other bands, The Doors actually met a variety of famous people. For example, they traveled with Jefferson Airplane during their European tour. More information about this can be found on their Live in Europe dvd.

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